Chef Eric Stein, MS RD CCE

Wellness Chef | Registered Dietitian
Certified Culinary Educator

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Menu & Recipe Design

Spas, resorts, hotels, independent restaurants, test kitchens, and hospitals alike can all benefit from the food and nutrition services provided by Enlightened Flavors.

Enlightened Flavors can consult you on a wide array of projects ranging from the development and implementation of gluten free or vegetarian menu items for a restaurant, to creating educational programming for dietitians and food service professionals in the hospital setting. Consulting services include the menu and recipe development, accompanied by plating instructions, pictures, and complete nutritional analysis. Menu items and nutritional standards can be customized to the specific needs of the establishment, as well as individual customer demand.

In addition to recipe and menu design services, Enlightened Flavors can create informative cooking demonstrations and educational nutrition seminars that include recipes, fun food facts, equipment lists, and step by step instructions for presentation.

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