• I'm Allergic to Eggs, but Not Chicken?

    I'm Allergic to Eggs, but Not Chicken?

    This is the random thought that kicked off random thoughts in food and nutrition. I’m not allergic to eggs, I eat them very regularly. I just thought this was sort of a fascinating concept, that you can have an allergy to eggs (all of a chicken), but not be allergic to chicken. As a result of digging into this question a little further, I learned some pretty interesting stuff about eggs composition and allergies in general.

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  • The New Americana of Chinese Cuisine

    The New Americana of Chinese Cuisine

    As Chinese ingredients and dishes like xiao long bao, chili crisp, and char siu continue to become mainstream in the US, there is a new influx of really exciting and flavorful things happening with American-Chinese food on menus across the country. We are experiencing a whole new world of non-traditional takes on soup dumplings, fried rices, and entire concepts dedicated to bao and jian bing. Thinking about the map of the regional cuisines of China got me wondering, what types of dishes would exist (do exist) if we had regional American-Chinese cuisine?

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  • The Wellness Chef

    As way we look at food, wellness, nutrition, and cooking will continue to evolve, I look forward to being a resource, a sounding board, and hopefully an inspiration that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, tasteless, and challenging.

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