The Wellness Chef

by Eric Stein

I launched “The Wellness Chef” in 2005 as a means to bridge my expertise as a chef with formal culinary education and licensure as a registered dietitian. At that time the idea of cooking with a holistic approach was foreign to many outside of a niche market. So niche in fact, that I was told by the VP of Operations of a global hotel chain, I would have a better chance of employment with his company if I were a golf pro. Regardless, I was fortunate to seek out the best opportunities I could find, and was granted the opportunity to cook at some of the top luxury spa resorts in the country. 

As the years have gone on, I have been lucky to work in many areas of the food service industry. Honestly, areas I would have never dreamed early on in my career. I have learned a lot and have also been able to present many topics of food, nutrition, and cooking to a wide range of audiences. The idea of wellness and its relationship to food has certainly evolved over the years, but once thing has maintained a constant for me. My passion for teaching others that food can be delicious AND nourishing. Diets don’t have to be a four letter word, but they do have to be something you can live with if you want to maintain a certain level of health, wellness, and waistline… 

During those formative years of finding my way as THE WELLNESS CHEF, I looked deep within myself and identified the mantra "Think. Live. Dream. Food." This has been the guiding principle of what I bring to the world. It is a strong reflection of who I am personally, and professionally signifies my dedication to the craft of cooking. My world revolves around food. It is always on my mind and I am constantly looking at trends in food and nutrition, discovering new cuisines, and trying new restaurants. As a Chef, food is my livelihood. In addition to nourishment, it is also my source of inspiration. 

I try to look at food from a global perspective, in terms of flavor, eating habits, and cooking techniques. I dream daily about the impact food plays in our lives and how I can cook, create, and play with food in fun and delicious new ways. As way we look at food, wellness, nutrition, and cooking will continue to evolve, I look forward to being a resource, a sounding board, and hopefully an inspiration that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, tasteless, and challenging. There is a huge world of food out there and I look forward to helping you discover how great it can be.


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  • 04 Aug 2021

    great to hear about your journey to this paint – look forward to seeing what develops!

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